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The Last update expired. (s'been a month now O_o;)

So like.. it's illegal for girls to pierce their genitals in Georgia! ..O.o what the duce!? and can be sentenced from 2 to 20 years in prison!?.. son of a four legged cow! Well at least RockStar now has another idea for a new game I say! (not that I ever was into rockstar games mind you but heh got to find the positve things in life)

My friend Matt is highly against this, for some reason he cares more about the issue than I do.. probably because I'm an asshole.. who knows. *shrugs* am I an asshole? O.o;

I say, if piercing your headquarters is a "right" that you have, then eating a pet should also be a right no? "but they're living beings with feelings" so are chickens and cows! (not that I'd ever eat a pet.. I'm almost vegetarian as matter of fact) but eh.. whatever this doesn't affect me because I'm not a girl from georgia who wants to get my stuff perforated.. piercings are overdone if you ask me eniway.

In other news..A friend of mine got into a car accident 2 days ago and I've kinda wanted to see him eventhough we're not that close, but he's still someone I care enough about to know how he's doing. well I didn't get to visit him because no was able to take me. I speak with another friend today who later tells me it was probably better that I didn't go because the injuired friend's mom is very religious and would have probably made some big fuzz about me visting. because apparently I'm not a child of god or not holy enough or something *shrugs* for some reason.. sometimes it seems like people grow more ignorant by the minute. Ah well, he's fine now so I shouldn't worry much about it. But I just sort of wanted to get this out of my chest because I've been feeling bad about it.

Eniway, whatever.

eniosus Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
I know right!? I mean, if they want it so bad. *shurgs*
wynter-rain Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004
lol, why cant georgia girls just go to somewhere else and get them pierced>?
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Submitted on
March 25, 2004