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Quick Update. Submitted a couple of doodles I had laying around the computer in case they want to take a look at them over at the Art Institute. Heading over there to meet with an admission director in the next 20 mins. Well I'm off for nows. will try to update soon.

lol, new journal because the other one was too old. this is brief so bare with me.. despite some of the most horrible shit going on in my life, right now I'm pretty happy, and I feel drunk for some reason, eventhough I have not had enithing to drink all day. Eniway, it sucks that everyone around me seems to be a drug addict, what the fuck? Ah well back to messing around the room and singing irish drinking songs because I got tired of typing on the green box!

BTW: everyone, I have not commented on your stuff because I am a very lazy man, not because I don't love you. stay tuned for my outdated comments everyone!
The Last update expired. (s'been a month now O_o;)

So like.. it's illegal for girls to pierce their genitals in Georgia! ..O.o what the duce!? and can be sentenced from 2 to 20 years in prison!?.. son of a four legged cow! Well at least RockStar now has another idea for a new game I say! (not that I ever was into rockstar games mind you but heh got to find the positve things in life)

My friend Matt is highly against this, for some reason he cares more about the issue than I do.. probably because I'm an asshole.. who knows. *shrugs* am I an asshole? O.o;

I say, if piercing your headquarters is a "right" that you have, then eating a pet should also be a right no? "but they're living beings with feelings" so are chickens and cows! (not that I'd ever eat a pet.. I'm almost vegetarian as matter of fact) but eh.. whatever this doesn't affect me because I'm not a girl from georgia who wants to get my stuff perforated.. piercings are overdone if you ask me eniway.

In other news..A friend of mine got into a car accident 2 days ago and I've kinda wanted to see him eventhough we're not that close, but he's still someone I care enough about to know how he's doing. well I didn't get to visit him because no was able to take me. I speak with another friend today who later tells me it was probably better that I didn't go because the injuired friend's mom is very religious and would have probably made some big fuzz about me visting. because apparently I'm not a child of god or not holy enough or something *shrugs* for some reason.. sometimes it seems like people grow more ignorant by the minute. Ah well, he's fine now so I shouldn't worry much about it. But I just sort of wanted to get this out of my chest because I've been feeling bad about it.

Eniway, whatever.

Well I'll be an adult 100% on saturday supossedly. nothing really I'm looking forward to, I don't drink and I don't "buy" porn. so how am I benefiting from this one? then again I haven't gotten many good things out of past birthdays in well over 7 years. Eniway Richardz thinks we should all (not sure who "all" are) get together and draw something to celebrate.. Richardz must not know, I don't really draw anymore. Well whatever I appreciate the intention. If I draw anything I'll post it up here.

In other news, I might be going to Megacon this year, so that's fucking.. the shit. Yance and I are almost 99.9% sure we're going but we're sacrificing virgins to the gods so that Stan's able to come too, dunno if it'll be possible though since Richards got the days off already so Stan might have to work to fill in. Well we'll keep the rituals comming. Eniway hopefully the trip doesn't turn out too expensive because I don't think I'm getting much $ for my bday and I can't find my Tax return slip so I can't count on that. But who knows I might manage. I'm a bit exited because Fred Gallegher's going to be there and shit so that's going to be pretty badass, If I get to see him I'll see if I get him to draw me Largo messing around with the "cool thing" or some shit. If I do I'll post it on here as soon as I get home.

I think that's it for now. Still drinking nun's piss and green tea. (good stuff)

Again, for more current updates on the meaning of life(Not) Visit…

This has been a short briefing from your friendly teenage mutant ninja fox. you may now return to your regular broadcast schedule.

*poofs out ninja style leaving a glass of water where my shadow once stood*
For some reason Devart doesn't do much but make me feel like shit 90% of the time I come by these days. I am not a masochist so until I feel like I can draw again I'll keep away from here. I wont be comming by just to state my mood and submit a journal entry. I finally decided to sign up over at LJ so if anyone feels like hanging out there you're welcome to join me I'm over at… so drop by if ya like. if not that's cool. I'll still stop by every now and then to check up on my friends' new works and comment. But until then see ya all when I feel like I belong again, It's been fun guys.

Always remember one thing.. (do I sound like I'm gonna die? lol)

Green tea, the next best thing ;)

Your friendly alien agent from Jupiter, Eni
There's no water in the desert.. but the quicksand sure looks relaxing. I want to sleep in the quicksand.. it all sinks and drowns in the beautiful swirls of the quicksand. So peaceful.. I want t..

La Mia Tristezza.
I feel pretty good today for some reason. Michelle called me a little while ago and she sounded pretty excited to be talking to me, it was so heart warming and kickass! (I know I'm ghey, whatever) ^^; . I went to visit her this weekend and we spent some time together, it was so neat (though her parents wouldn't leave us alone, I wonder why ¬¬..). I miss her a lot but I'm feeling pretty good all in all. our comunication level has been increasing too, I'm just really happy right now, she took some pics and we have a couple of us together hopefully she'll post them up soon. Eniway aparently my life is going back to normal I'll go ahead and let that god dude take some credit for things turning out good, seeing as how things have only gotten better when my hypocrite ass started to pray, as long praying is free I'm cool. Eniway, enough of the religious stuff (no offence big G) I got Suikoden 3 today YAEH!! and I'm getting better at Guilty Gear x2.. wich is so Uh-sum because my princess is getting into it too! oh yeah that's so badass.. (how many guys wished they had a girl like mine w00t! :D *stops bragging*) Eniway I'm out for a bit, gotta go get some subway before Kelve starts munching on my PS2's controller.

Water's awsome! drink some!!

I love Michelle xEni-Infinity!!
I feel like a fool for letting myself deal with these things. it should be pretty obvious to me at this point that I'm alone inside of me, it's just me and my feelings to deal with and I feel no one else really cares, just like you feel the absense of the sun on a rainy day. and the person you wish would care only pretends they do, but they do such a bad job at it that it only makes it hurt more.

"Hush.. you ask for so much silly boy. such things only exist in dreams.." <--sounds like Gregs *smile*

While this could be all wrong . I wish someone would prove me wrong and not give up on me. I'm sure the right words and display of interest would more than likely boost up some hope.

Today's horoscope for Pisces (Lilly's version)

"It doesn't matter whether or not you try to hide your feelings, Fishy: the whole world can tell what you're thinking just by looking at your face. If you want to get it off your chest, talk to your best friend. He or she is just waiting for you to tell all."

My reply to it: I wish the world would see, maybe the sympathy wouldn't be so bad. and who would that best friend be? I can't seem to find the one that will be there waiting for me to "tell all" when I need it most.

I don't want to be alone on this.. it's getting chilly.. and I don't know how to warm up by myself..

I stll lv y xEni-Infinity..
Well here we are.. again What's this year's misfortune? dunno what the greatest one will be yet but economical has taken it's roll and so has emotional.. There's a little hope to solve the emotional but that's only because I tend to abuse the felling of hope.

Good news! I decided to overdose on water today.. so I've been pissing a lot O.o.. too much :D

That's it for now, I think I'll edit this again later. now really wasn't the best time for me to submit an entry but I felt this was getting almost as much spiderweb as a certain someone's diary I visit. ;)
I'm so emotionally ghey at the moment that I feel like I need a couple of punches to make me a real man.. so feel free to beat me up. Free for all.

(I'm sure Marc's going to like this :D)

*stands in the middle of the room patiently awaiting the blows *
I'd choose a one handed sword right at this moment, seeing as how my left arm is pretty much useless till therapy(if I ever get that done) I'd die in battle if I chose a two handed O.o . Lesse since my last update I dislocated my shoulder (the most painful thing I've ever experienced [physically]). god that was hell.. Eniway not much to say really, other than the fact that everything is twice as hard to accomplish now and I can't sleep half an hour without having to wake up because of the pain. All in all though I'm pretty good because Yesterday turned out to be really cool. I felt extremely happy on more than one occasion, that was awsome, and as my dear friend Lyn suggested, I'll write down when I'm happy since I haven't had much of that these past couple of weeks, But I think things are going back to normal now. I personally don't like giving negativity so much credit, sadness and darkness of the soul are overrated.

Hey hey! , don't forget the green tea. today's entry was sponsored by green tea..The next best thing (water being the first) :D

I lv y Mchll.
Oi Journal, I don't mean to record my sadness on to you every time but looks like that's what you're here for. I feel better when I do and I don't have to pay for it, wich is good because I'm one broke mofo right now.

This was another one of those -% entries were your friendly angent from Jupiter is attempting recovery. I'm pretty glad I haven't had to mark down any specific details of the reason  why the system status dropped, so that is very cool indeed *a toony looking squirrel comes running with a Dasani sign and yells* "Indeed it is!!"

Eniway, I'll just say.. well I don't even know, but on a side note; I'm not an artist Enimore I don't think. I haven't had any motivation towards drawing what so ever and I hate myself for it. BUT there are 2 movies I'm in the mood for watching right now...No! Wrong! The fith element and OfficeSpace (:P). It's strange because I haven't been in the mood for dedicating time to any of my interests this past week or so, but then again I don't sit down to watch movies by myself often. So...Eniway,like I mentioned somewhere up there; I don't mean to put down just sad stuff on to here but looks like my hardcore Journal over at Grendel's is gone for ever so I have to find a way to concentrate all of it into here or else I'll explode.

Also! to whoever's reading this; Water's the shiznit! Go! Go get some now! remeber an eye is upon you ready to blink, Go!

A~nd I Lv M Shlly vr mch, I love you xEni-Infinity
Ok, here's a journal entry so that no one has to bother telling me how boring I am, yeah I've been a member here since like a month or 2 ago and never bothered to do anything..whatever. Eniway, that's it..heh, yeah I know pretty damned retarded for a first entry but you know what? I don't really care.
*listening to Beserk's Forces* don't know why but that's the song that's keeping me in tact at the moment.

I decided not to post the rest of this entry because it contained too much negativity for my liking. I'll just substitute the rest with.. whatever, I'm out for walk and some water, because water's good and it doesn't hurt. :)
No frigg'n way, how did I get this high up? O_o...Only Pudu knows..or maybe Hodo? well it doesn't matter because it's a nice percentage and I intend on staying no lower than it.

Ah.. Sonic The Hedgehog's Labyrinth Zone theme is so.. the water theme!, hell yaeh! I can have this song on repeat for a while.. as it's been for the last couple of hours.

I'm not sure if keeping 2 journals is something I can handle though. like.. I'm not going to start repeating stuff or copy and pasting at both am I?No! that's just not sane.. well I dunno, I like this one a lot so I'll keep posting my missions and such right here while the other one will have to stay eniway. I guess that cancels that thought. You're right though, this entry is like "doesn't make much sense" but I think it's alright, as long as there's water in this world.. there will always be a way to fight thirst.

And now, so that this entry is not totally pointless...

This line is dedicated to a special someone. you should know who you are. ;)
Well it is September 1st already, yest it is the first day of September and I am here writting this thing.. why? shit if I know.. but the mission to Jupiter turned out to be a bit harsh and thus my Insanity level went back down to 75% ..yes I do not know what it is about these Jupiter missions they just love to feed off of emotions. but I was able to save some thanks to my secret weapo CODENAME: Bottle of Whisky, Yesh quite power stuff, so powerful it comes with side effects as annoying as mosquitos on steroids, Thanks to those side effects I was forced to wear my super shades all day today because every light, bright color tinckered with my migraine, same with my ship's monitor, I had to dim the brightness a little. but eveything was fine after I pulled my futon near the controls and laid down for the rest of the day... *blinking typing line thing*

This was a short-yet long briefing from the Red Agent of..wait..too much info.

*looks around for spies*
Hallos my bretheren, the Eniosus has recovered about 80% of his insanity. yeah I still like chinese though, chinese is very good. But I think that Heheh.. I'm gonna have to post the rest of this thing tomorrow because I gotta go, Jupiter recquires assistance and the closest agents are my clone and I, so I shall "Be Are Be" for a few moments ;)
Wonder why it is that every time I write something here I'm emotionally negative or just "meh.."? I hate negativity, it's so damned overrated, yet here I am again, a puppet of my negative emotions. Hopefully writting this will help dissolve some of this nega-state that's just not cool at all. ok that's all the credit I'll publicly give negativity, the rest I'll keep to myself.

In other news: Since I seem to take forever to update this journal, I'd like to mention that I'm glad I met Michelle the cute devart girl, she's very cute. Also glad I got 2 artist friends of mine to join me at devart this week, that was pretty coo.

Eniway that's it I guess.. Oh yeah water's pretty neat, drink some next time ya get a chance :)
I guess I really should finish some of the drawings laying around here and post em up... or finish the ones already up. or maybe I should just finally work on organizing my life outside of work. Whatever. right now I don't really care, I'll just go watch some more Sexy commando or something..

This has been a pointless briefing from yours truly! you may now return to your regular broadcast schedule.
Ok, I know I've been gone for like..forever but it was mainly because my connection couldn't handle this site, now I have dsl so i can load it up faster so expect to see more updates soon...or maybe not, who knows, I'll post somethng next time i'm in the mood.

ok the end and stuff.

*goes back to sleep*